Web Design and Development Services

We will design your website with our Singapore in-house team. We understand the importance of your website which creates a first impression when prospective customers find you and also the need for planning the layout presentation of information.

Nerb - Web Design & Development

Custom Designed Website

These are websites aimed at presenting information effectively to your audiences. It’ll require an additional web design phase with the planning of key information to help in lead generation and brand profiling.

Quick Build Website

A website service aimed at businesses who are intending to just have a basic website online. This is for customers who have no preferences on the website design. We’ll be able to get the website online within 2-4 weeks.

Website With Custom Features


Google SEO Friendly Website

We ensure your website is search engine friendly by subjecting it to verification and indexing by Google. Also we follow Google’s SEO guidelines on making websites so that we can avoid getting penalized in ranking for any bad practices.

Mobile Friendly

Your website will be mobile responsive to look great on different devices. In the digital age where more than 30% of web traffic originates from mobile and tablet devices, we strive to make your website look beautiful on a mobile, tablet, laptop or large screen monitor.

Optimized for Fast Loading Speed

Built-In Security

The importance of passive detection and scanning are some of the critical multi-layered security measures that we employ to keep your website safe and secured, especially since WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS (Content management system).

Visually Appealing Design

Website Content Management for Dummies

Live Visual Content Editor

Unlike the usual content management system (CMS), we utilize one which allows you to edit your contents visually based on your actual design. A good content management system empowers website admins to create, edit and manage digital content without the need for external assistance.

Training for Website Admin

Once your website is completed, we will train you on how to manage your completed website so that you can update the contents when the time comes. This will help you to save cost over the long run as you do not need to engage external help to make changes to the content of your website.

Monitor Visitor Traffic

Keep track of how popular your website is by studying the visitor traffic. We integrate Google Analytics which provides you with in-depth analytical information such as visitors’ country of origin, time spent on your website, views from mobile and desktop, most visited pages and more.

Content Support

Finding the right images and figuring out how much content you need to place at different parts of the website is difficult and time-consuming for most people. We have been building websites for many years and will lend our expertise in providing you with free stock images and placement of contents in relevant parts of your website.

Basic Essentials of a Website

Once your website is completed, we’ll need to setup a web hosting plan to launch your website online, followed by a website maintenance plan to get your website covered for potential technical and security issues over time.

As web development experts, we implement everything that is essential to a website with our web hosting plans to achieve a search engine friendly and secured website for our clients

Technical and security issues can present a significant expense and a waste of time for the inexperienced website admin. You focus on your business, we take care of your website

Go further by establishing an online sales channel with ecommerce. We develop professional ecommerce stores which are designed to effectively engage customers and influence buyer’s decision