A secured online shopping experience that
grows your brand and connects you with customers

products showcase

Attractive storefront to display and organize your online catalog making it easy for customers to browse and learn more about your products

seamless checkout

Single-page checkout to improve customers’ conversion from up to 12% by making it faster and easier to complete a purchase.

safe & secure

Built and protected by multiple layers of security to prevent unauthorized access, file integrity scanners and intrusion detection software.

Have full control over your
store and customers

Manage Your Products and Inventory
Organize your products into categories and keep
track of your stock inventory as the store admin
Grow Your Customers Database
Get customers sign up as members of your online
store by offerring membership promotions
Offer Promotions and Discounts
Set product discounts, coupon codes or free shipping
to gain traction and increase your store sales
Set Payment and Shipping Methods
Choose your preferred payment methods like Paypal
or Bank Transfer and control your shipping options

Manage your business

Accept and Process Orders
Get notified by email when a new sale is made. Fulfill
multiple orders with your preferred shipping methods
Analyze and Plan Your Growth
Gain insight into your products and orders through
store reports. Track sales and growth trends
Drive Traffic with Marketing
Promote your store with email marketing, social media
sharing of products or seasonal discount codes

Ongoing support and maintenance to
protect your website and provide technical support

Security Monitoring

Even when built with best practices it’s important to keep an eye on any suspicious activity on your site.

Daily Backups

Your website is backup remotely daily and we’ll help with restoration if you need to recover an earlier version

User Training

If you forget how to do something on the website despite the training, you can always contact us for more help

Technical Support

Bugs or issues might appear after time, we will help you to fix these issues and get things back to normal

Performance & Optimization

Over time, we will optimize your website to achieve the speed needed to improve your visitors experience

Code & Infrastructure Upgrades

In our fast-paced tech industry, every website are required to stay up-to-date to minimize bugs or hacks.

Empowering market leaders with effective campaigns:

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successful website starting from


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