Foxwood Wills

We developed a platform for Foxwood Wills where people can create their wills online and engage other related legal services

Project Brief.

Foxwood Wills is a platform which allows people to create their wills online and engage any other related services pertaining to the will. Creating a will is actually rather heavy on information as the will document would require alot of inputs. We help to plan and develop a step by step workflow where we categorized the inputs into steps such as family, gifts, etc. During our planning, we also made sure that fields that are going to be repeated would be hidden and can be easily activated again so that the field inputs are not too overwhelming with fields to fill up.

There is also an ecommerce module where people can choose add-on services such as printing of documentation, doing a LPA and they can then make a payment of the services. The admins in Foxwood Wills will then review each order along with its submitted information of the will and proceed to get in touch with the customer. The company has now adopted this platform as part of their will-making workflow and it helps to reduce some time for documentation.




Web Design and Development
Ecommerce Development


Making A Will Workflow

Making A Payment

Mobile Responsive